Quality policy

We are producer of special shaped glass bottles, shaped container glass and ground-in laboratory bottles. Our goal is to continue to be a prosperous glass factory of consequence, supply products of shaped glass to our clients not only from Czech Republic, but also from European and other countries worldwide.


We are fully aware of increasing requirements of our clients for supplies of products in demanded quality, agreed term, quantity and for competitive prices.  To fulfil these requirements, we introduced the Quality management system and company management enunciate this


Which is carried through principles in followings fields:



-          to build long-term and win-win partnership with clients

-          to supply ordered quantity in agreed term and required quality



-          to build long-term and win-win partnership with suppliers

-          to execute transparent selection procedures



-          to support development of employee´s qualification to gain high level of labor quality

-          to protect employee´s health and to prevent injuries by efficient precautions


Technology and Infrastructure

Actively support the implementation of new technologies that will benefit customers and our organization



  • to actively cooperate with government and local-government agencies, which operate within the grasp of company
  • to contribute on sponsorship of publicly beneficial activities in sphere of company´s action
  • to constantly decrease risk of environmental damage


Company management is committed:

  • observe as was remarked above the principles
  • adhere to the requirements laws and regulations
  • continuously improve the quality management system.


              Martin Dudek                                                                            Ing. Michal Medek   

Management representative for QMS                                                          CEO                                        

                                                             Úsobrno, January 2017

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