The history of our glass factory dates back into 1827, when the factory was founded by Strachwitz family . The manufacturing program concentrated on manufacturing window panes and certain kinds of utility glassware for domestic market.


In 1849, the glass factory was hired by Strachwitz family to glass manufacturer Samuel Reich. In this period, the glass factory became a member of glass factories association that are owned or hired by glass manufacturer Samuel Reich.


In 1898, the glass factory became property of Reich company. During these years, the glass factory became a major employer in the area, giving work to more than 200 employees. The basic manufacturing program was focused on producing cosmetic bottles with ground glass caps, medical bottles, reagent bottles for acids, powder bottles of volumes from 3 g to 20 l, which were exported into many other countries. During the time of economic depression in 30s of 20th century, the glass factory was near bankruptcy. Shutting down the furnaces and closing the factory completely was turned away by establishing Czechoslovak glassworks corporation in 1935. At that time, first semiautomatic machine was at work in the factory, the factory itself employing 235 workers.

OWNED BY STATE (1945-1989)

In the tough years of 1945 and 46, again, when the very existence of the glass factory was threatened, it was nationalized and integrated into Krásno Glassworks, national corporation. In the following years, the factory underwent a major reconstruction which brought it to high European standards. The main manufacturing program stayed oriented towards producing powder bottles, reagent bottles with ground glass caps and cosmetic flagons, in white and brown color. At the same time, the reserve capacities were used to produce wine and liqueur bottles. Even at that time, considerable part of the products was aimed to European markets as well as to some of the countries in other continents.

In 1958 the glass factory was integrated into state-owned company Glassworks Moravia in Kyjov. In the following years, the manufacturing plant was enlarged and in 1971, the first automatic machine AL 102 at 8-ton electric furnace chamber.

In 1987, the glass factory was transferred for a short time under a nationwide sister company SKLO UNION - OBAS Teplice.


In 1991, the glass factory goes back under Kyjov, this time as a subsidiary corporation of MORAVIA GLASS Kyjov holding. In this period, the glass factory obtained a new rheostat gas-powered smelting aggregate with capacity of 25 tons of glass melt a day with shaping automat AL 106.3 and AL 102.


The last important change occurred in 1996, when, after successfully undergoing the privatization, the glass factory became an independent company and in the same year, GLASSWORKS MORAVIA corporation with strong capital was set up.


In 1997, the machine AL 102 is replaced with automatic machine AL 106.4. In 2001, smelting aggregate with shaping automat AL 106.3 is put into operation.


In 2006, the production lines underwent a major reconstruction and the smelting capacity was raised to fulfill the growing requirements of our new customers.


At present, the glass factory focuses on producing shaped packing glass for wine and liquors, cosmetic bottles, bottles for food products in transparent, black and green color. It also follows its tradition in producing powder bottles and reagent bottles with ground glass caps.

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