About us

Joint-stock company Glassworks Moravia, residing in Úsobrno is a traditional manufacturer and dealer of packing glass.

We produce: 

  • liqueur and spirit bottles
  • wine bottles
  • bottles and jars for food and cosmetic products
  • laboratory glass (reagent bottles, powder bottles, dropping bottles, burette bottles)

The products are made in extraflint, transparent, brown and black glass color, with capacity ranging from 50 ml to 2 000 ml, with maximum width        160 mm and maximum height of 340 mm.

The core of our philosophy is customer-oriented service, stressing the fulfillment of customer's wishes and requirements in the first place. We specialize in producing bottles and jars that are shaped originally according to customer's requirements. We produce these in series from 10 000 pieces.

Our offer includes also a wide range of services: we provide devising new designs, drawing documentation, packaging according to specific requirements and other deliveries necessary for completing the products. In case our customer is not interested in investing into dies, we are able to offer standard models.



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